Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Remix)

by in chillwave, dream pop, electronic, fyf, indietronica, rac, remix, washed out 


Washed Out killed it last night at FYF! It was an experience for the senses characterized by chillwave synths, dream-pop sequences, twinkling lights, and the aroma of marijuana wafting through the air. It was indie heaven to say the least. Front man, Ernest Greene, played notable songs such as, “New Theory,” “Amor Fati,” “Feel It All Around,” as well as the new single, “It All Feels Right” from his most recent album, Paracosm, released August 13th. This remix by RAC delivers soothing and relaxing vibes likely to trigger warm feelings of sublime nostalgia. It is featured on Remix Artist Collectives‘s second remix album, RAC Vol.2.

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